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Lift Summum Facial Treatment

Lifting & Firming Solutions

The Lift Summum Treatment is a “lifting” treatment that helps smooth and firm areas affected by the loss of firmness. It combines expert maneuvers with high-performance active firming ingredients, helping to ensure an instant, visible “lifting” effect. The active ingredients in the treatment help restore the skin’s tonicity.

The Lift Summum is fast-acting using exfoliation and exclusive massage methods followed by wrinkle filling using hyaluronic acid and lastly dynalift and a biotechnological complex to smooth facial features and combat skin slackening by forming a mask that lifts.

Treatment Secrets (Manual techniques)

Your skin is instantly and visibly firmer:
47%* increase in firmness after one treatment;
100%* of women observed an instant “lifting” and firming effect;
93%** of women said that their skin appeared plumped up.

*Average increase in firmness after one Lift Summum Treatment in a panel of 12 test subjects (measured with a Corneometer).
**Efficacy tests carried out after one Lift Summum Treatment in a panel of 15 test subjects.

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Wrinkle & Fine Line Solutions

Take Years Off Your Appearance

GUINOT, the expert in anti-aging skincare, has created Age Summum, a treatment that combines technology and exclusive movements to help visibly diminish signs of aging. The Age Summum Treatment begins with the application of Gommage Dermabrasion. This exfoliation process with active microparticles helps rid the skin of dead cells, letting new cells appear. Even with just this first treatment step, the skin already looks smoother and more youthful.

This facial eliminates dead skin cells by exfoliating, followed by a powerful Vitamin C enriched anti-aging serum, then an exclusive anti-aging massage to help recontour the shape of the face. Lastly, an Active Pro-Collagen mask restores the skin’s radiant and youthful glow.

Treatment Secrets (Manual techniques)

Age Summum Results
Wrinkles and lines appear smoother instantly:
39.7%* decrease in wrinkles;
48.7%** increase in tonicity.
The face looks radiant once again.

*Average decrease in wrinkle depth after 1 treatment (measurements taken with a Visioscan).
**Average increase in tonicity after 1 treatment (measurements taken with a Cutometer).
Panel of 10 test subjects.

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