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The Lady Behind The Scenes

Welcome To GuinotSA

For well over 30 years of experience in the beauty industry, I have researched and visited the top skincare brands locally and abroad to ensure the very best possible results for our harsh climate and the stressful environment we live in. Over the years due to personal experience and meeting many beautiful strong people that endured health issues like cancer I became far more aware of not just environmental damage but also harmful ingredients.

Mainly for this reason I made it not only my mission but my promise to change the ethos of skincare by ensuring and providing the very best there is to offer. I endeavored to find a brand that took pride in doing no harm. A brand that had highly skilled professionals, known the world over as industry leaders with game-changing technology and techniques, developing, manufacturing, and maintaining the most stringent standards in skincare today.

After my visit to the Guinot Institut in Paris I knew I had found a product that exceeded my expectations as a product range that was close to my heart and true to Wendy’s House of Beauty. Go forward with peace of mind and the very best in skincare.

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Find Out What Products will Work Best on Your Skin

Radiant | Dark Spot | Firming | Eyes, Lip & Neck | Anti-Aging | Youth Skincare

Visible Results By The End Of Salon Treatment

A More Radiant You

New life for dull skin. Any skin type, at any age, can succumb to fatigue and loose its radiance. This product range is designed to clear your complexion and restore its natural radiance.

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